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Individuals, couples, relationship formation, marriage, separation, reconciliation, step-families.

Relationship Formation

Choosing a life partner is one of the most important decisions a couple can make. The stars of romantic love may initially overshadow  more practical considerations such as compatibility of personality and values. When individual differences start to emerge we might ask ourselves whether these differences are surmountable. Having counselling at this time can help increase a couples confidence, hence paving the path for a more successful future together.

An important  indicator for a successful marriage is the capacity to negotiate differences and disappointments. Being able to effectively communicate when under pressure is critical.  In our ever increasing  fast  paced society, it is important not to discard what can be retrievable or enhanced.

Good couple counselling provides  an opportunity to build on your relationship strengths, address difficulties and renegotiate the kind of relationship that works for you. Professional help can provide an opportunity to make a more conscious decision about how to lead a more fulfilling life.

Separation & Divorce

Separation can be a challenging  time for all involved. There  is much to grieve. Loss of partner, family structure, living arrangements, financial status and friendships are just a few of the difficulties. Couples with families face enormous hurdles whilst holding in mind the best interests of their children. Having some support  during this time may ease the pain of this difficult life transition.

For  many couples reconciliation  is a favourable outcome. Counselling  can offer a time to examine what has not worked in the past and help develop more successful patterns of communication. These skills can be learnt. Developing empathy for oneself and other can rebuild  trust leading to a more meaningful relationship.
Remarriage & Stepfamilies
Despite the best of intentions, unresolved issues from past relationships can interfere with the successful creation of a new intimate relationship. There is much to learn to avoid repeating unhelpful patterns of relating. Remarriage can be a time of great hope and resolve to create a more successful relationship. This increased motivation helps achieve better outcomes.

Negotiating the complexities of a new family structure can be challenging. There are many relationships to consider as one transitions into a blended family.

Children may be members of more than one household. Family members have had different experiences of family life and may have different expectations. There can be confusion over roles. Financial pressures when there are two families to support can add strain. Counselling can help strengthen the couple relationship .

There are times in our lives when the path ahead may feel unclear. We may feel stuck, lost or confused. Difficulties with anxiety, depression or anger may derail us. Sometimes we need a space for reflection. Being able to ask for help can often be the first step towards navigating a clearer pathway towards finding solutions and clarity. Individual therapy can help to support you through this process.

Practitioners working in the field

Professional Supervision
Couple and marriage counselling requires specialist skills. Therapists have enormous professional responsibility as the outcome of counselling has an impact on many lives. Good Supervison enhances our capacity to offer the best possible help to both individuals and couples in an ethical environment. Over the years, both Linda and Lily have supervised and mentored many couple and individual counsellors at Relationships Australia and in Private Practice. Linda is an accredited supervisor with PACFA and is also a Consultant Supervisor for Relationship Matters (Previously Lifeworks) and in the past, Austin Hospital Genetics Counselling and Victorian Aids Council.